The Modern Menu

The Modern Menu

Turn A Meal Into A Moment

Food For Thought:

Building Memories with a Simple Menu

Food. It’s at the center of every celebration. It’s the salve that soothes grief. Food is a way to connect and a way to share. It defines culture and cements tradition. Of course, it is what fuels our body. But it is also what feeds our soul. In fact, some may say that it meets emotional needs even before our instinctive needs. Life-sustaining, mind-bending, mouthwatering food. We literally cannot live without it. And even if you could, why would you?

Food Is Personal

Because the thing is, here at Touch of Modern, the food and drink that we curate for you is an extension of our own passion for family, friends, and those gatherings that center around the kitchen table. We bring you items that we love to serve to our own loved ones. From that first cup of coffee in the morning to that evening backyard barbecue , we know that what you put on the table is an important part of any moment. Because we’ve served it ourselves.

Easy to Serve, Easy to Eat

We’ve assembled a “menu” that offers you a wide array of food options so that you can focus more on the people in the room and less on the recipe. For instance, serving caviar is a simple way to offer guests an indulgent treat with that “ooooh!” factor. Or perhaps you can serve up some prosciutto and goat cheese with some fig jam for a sweet, salty, tangy snack combo. The options are endless and so delicious.

Let's Get Cooking!

So, what are you waiting for? Bust out that charcuterie board. Fire up the pizza oven. Put some sizzle in that skillet. Because we’ll keep bringing you fast, easy, fun offerings that bring the smiles. You keep creating memories with a collection of food and beverages that offers something for everyone. Bon Appetit!